What is informens?


Informens is an online program that facilitates/ visualises deployment of employees

Through science-based questionnaires health-related employability is measured in three aspects:

  • Lifestyle and vitality
  • Workability
  • Work-related aspects

In addition to these subjective findings by means of online questionnaires, the employees can be tested and measured on these three aspects.

This ensures the employee gets a very clear picture of his current employable on the basis of these subjective and objective measurements.

Informens is constructed in a way that a company or organization can add company-specific questions to the existing questionnaires at any time


Quality is important within Informens. We work together with various research institutions such as Saxion High school looks at Work, University Medical Center Groningen, KMKA and TNO.

We continuously work on the improvement and optimization of i the Informens tool.

A database / benchmark

Informens has been used during the past 7 years by a large number of employees in the Netherlands. As a result, our database is large enough to work with its own benchmark. This benchmark is updated continuously. Both the employee and the company can see how people make it in terms of employability in relation to other people or companies.


Informens is a company that likes to cooperate with other companies. We not only deliver the Informens tool, but we work collaborate with other companies to help the customer to achieve a total concept.

We like to go with you to the customer to explain how the Informens tool works and why it can help a company to identify the health-related staff employability.

Informens stands for the overall concept of sustainable employability.


Informens is developed to make a well-founded Periodic Medical Examination possible. Informens works with different licensees, such as occupational health services, occupational physicians and occupational physiotherapy networks.